About Me

About Me

I’ve never been a person who thinks they need a tome for my about section. I’d much rather give a short, witty quip about what I do. That doesn’t really work here, so here’s a few paragraphs about what I like to do while at work and not.


I stumbled into learning accessible development as an intern while I was in college. Like most people, when I learned development accessibility wasn’t really taught. When I interviewed at my current company, I was able to answer questions about accessibility which helped me land my role. I worked as a UX developer for a while and now 8+ years later I manage our accessibility program full-time. Now I get to spend my days teaching all kinds of content creators how to make and test accessible content.

Project & Program Management

I often joke with my best friends at work that I’m the Type A of Type As. I will organize anything, and I will make a system for it so it stays organized.

As a former developer, when I’m working on dev teams, I want to improve the developer experience. The following are some of my favorite quotes from developers I’ve worked with:

  • “I notice you try to schedule meetings so we will get an entire morning or afternoon of coding without meetings, and I appreciate it.”
  • From a developer who had transferred off of our team “I miss your retrospectives. They were actually useful.”

Personal Life

Outside of work I often talk about farm life and what working from rural America looks like. I love spending time in the kitchen working on new recipes. My dog Peach is a goofball, and we spend lots of time exploring.

Peach, my yellow Labrador Retriever, in a field of soybeans, smelling them.